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Dog Kennels Melbourne

Dogs – they're man's best friend. They are loyal and show us unconditional love, and we can always rely on them to be there at the end of a long day at work. They grow with us and learn with us, so it makes sense that they only deserve the very best in return. Part of giving your dog the best quality of life is making sure that they're sheltered, warm, and comfortable.

Do you keep your dog outside? Does your dog enjoy the outdoor backyard to the point it’s difficult getting them back inside? If so you need a dog kennel to protect your best friend from the wildly fluctuating weather of Melbourne.

During summer, sweltering heat can have them dehydrated and overheated. In winter the air is cold, which could have them freezing. Especially in Melbourne you can experience four seasons in one day. Your dog will want a cozy place to curl up. A wood dog kennel is the perfect place to shelter themselves from Mother Nature.

Here at My Dog Supplies, we place a strong emphasis on making sure that each and every one of our loyal customers have exclusive access to some of the best dog kennels you can find on the market.

We are passionate about everything and anything to do with dogs and believe that they deserve the very best. If you're looking for some of the best wooden dog homes on the market that can last the lifetime of your pet, then we highly recommend browsing our expansive range.

Melbourne weather can be harsh and relentless, which means that anything you plan on keeping outside is going to have to be made to last. Here at My Dog Supplies, we rely on wood construction for all of our products. Why? Because wood is one of the best materials to use when making a dog house. Wood is better for your dog's health, because it insulates well, meaning that it can protect your pooch against all different types of weather. It can also withstand wind and moisture better than a lot of other materials you could use, like tin. Wood is also environmentally-friendly, as it can be recycled. Lastly, we think that wood brings an aesthetic that you can't get in any other material. The reality is that if you're going to have a kennel in your yard, you want it to look good for a long time. We finish the construction of each and every dog house with a water-based, non-toxic stain, that provides a little bit more water resistance, and keeps your kennel looking great all year round.

Our Various Designs and Styles

The best thing about our range here at My Dog Supplies is that we offer a huge variety so that you can accommodate your pooch no matter what type of breed they are. From small dachshunds to massive Newfoundland's, we've got the size to suit your pet, no matter what. From small to medium, large, and even extra large dog kennels, you get to find the perfect size for your dog, so that they can stay warm, dry and comfortable at any age and stage. Our ultimate goal here is comfort, which is why you see such a variety in our range.

Dog Kennel Features

Melbourne goes through the seasons just like any other city in Australia, and when summertime is over, you'll want to make sure you can give your pooch shelter from the wind and rain. Each dog house comes with an all-weather proof asphalt roof that can keep them nice and warm in the winter, and nice and cool in the summer. It's this type of insulation that really helps stand our products apart from the rest. The roof also gently slopes, allowing for easy water drainage. If you're worried about moisture and damp getting in the other end, we've made sure to include our specially designed kennel feet that raise the floor of your dog's house off the ground. This will keep out all kinds of different weather concerns, and offer additional ventilation in the summertime.

As an additional add-on, we offer plastic flaps that you can hang over the entrance of the house, which can ward off insects and flies and any other pesky bugs that are going to potentially annoy your pooch. It's also perfect for the wintertime when cold winter draughts can get in. If your dog suffers from arthritis or is just old and can't move around as well as it used to, we have another optional additional add-on in the form of our orthopedic memory foam kennel bed. It can help provide extra comfort during the night and prevent your pet from being in any unneeded pain from being old.

If you're not someone who is used to a bit of DIY, don't worry – we make the entire setup process really easy and straightforward so that anyone can do it. This is why every dog house comes with preassembled panels, as well as holes that have already been drilled as well. The instruction manual is easy to follow, and all bolts and nuts are included so that you don't have to purchase anything else to set up your dog's new outside home.

Shipping and Delivery

Here at My Dog Supplies, we want to make things as simple and straightforward as possible. This is why we've teamed up with one of the best carriers in Australia, guaranteeing that your delivery will get to you in one piece and on time. We also offer free transit insurance for the ride.

We deliver to all areas – Melbourne west, south east, northern suburb, Melbourne eastern suburbs. Fast delivery to Melbourne CBD areas, St Kilda, Brunswick, Northcote, Geelong, Tullamarine, Mornington Peninsula. We ship anywhere in Melbourne, not to mention the rest of Australia. You can pay any way you like with our safe online payment methods, from AfterPay to PayPal, bank transfer, and credit card. Read less
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