Dog Kennel Melbourne - Hurry! Clearance Ends Sunday

Dog kennels Melbourne for sale

Do you keep your dog outside? Does your dog enjoy the outdoor backyard to the point it’s difficult getting them back inside? If so you need a dog kennel to protect your best friend from the wildly fluctuating weather of Melbourne.

During summer, sweltering heat can have them dehydrated and overheated. In winter the air is cold, which could have them freezing. Especially in Melbourne you can experience four seasons in one day. Your dog will want a cozy place to curl up. A wood dog kennel is the perfect place to shelter themselves from Mother Nature.

Each of our dog kennels provides plenty of room for your dog to move and stretch as they need. For even more comfort, each dog kennel comes with an optional, perfectly sized memory foam dog bed, providing relief for your dog's joints.

Each dog kennel is designed to last as the wood is treated with a superior varnish to give it luster and protection from Melbourne unpredictable weather.

You'll love the attention to detail such as a hinge in the roof, allowing you to open the kennel up for easy cleaning. Or,the thick asphalt insulated roof that provides maximum heat and cold protection. Then there are the windows that not only enhance the look but also provide increased ventilation.

If you’re looking for a dog kennel to buy in Melbourne, then explore our exciting range of styles. There is plenty of a standard options option then check the comfort and classic dog kennel range. If you prefer a luxury dog kennel, you'll want the barn dog kennel, the castle or manor deluxe dog kennel. These stylish unique dog kennels are built and painted to look like a mini barn, castle, or country cottage with a porch, giving your kennel appeal and adds to yard’s aesthetics.

You can buy a dog kennel with confidence, as we offer:

  • 14 days unconditional money back guarantee
  • Free transit insurance to all Melbourne areas
  • We deliver to all Melbourne areas – Melbourne west, south east, northern suburb, Melbourne eastern suburbs. Fast delivery to Melbourne CBD areas, St Kilda, Brunswick, Northcote, Geelong, Tullamarine, Mornington Peninsula

Buy a dog kennel today and give your pup the comfort of their own outdoor home.