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Large & Extra Large Dog Kennels Australia

Can you imagine your life without man's best friend? Your dog is a comfort in the times that you need it the most, playful when it wants to be, and obedient – most of the time. One of the biggest reasons why we put dogs on a pedestal is because of their unconditional love for us. Therefore, shouldn't our goal be to give back and return that unconditional love by looking after them as best we can? That's our goal here at My Dog Supplies.

We have designed the ultimate dog house range for your favorite pooch and, within our extensive range, feature an extra large / super large dog kennel, as well as a large dog kennel. This means that no matter how big or small your dog is, you'll be able to give them the best life possible. When you choose a dog cage from My Dog Supplies, you are choosing to give them the very best, in the form of high quality, healthy, dry, comfortable shelter. This level of care and quality means that you can give your dog the very best, allowing them to feel relaxed and secure, sheltered from the weather, and far away from annoying things like insects. Treat your dog with a My Dog Supplies dog kennel, and know that you're providing your pooch with the best pet cage they can get, without the high price tag.

Our Various Sizes and Designs Dog Kennels

Here at My Dog Supplies, we offer a variety of different sizes and designs to suit your pet's needs. Each pet kennel is designed with pet lovers in mind, which is why you get to choose from a large dog house, extra large dog kennel, and super large dog kennel options. This means that whether you've got a chihuahua or a Great Dane, there’s no doubt that everyone’s going to feel comfortable and taken care of with our dog kennels whatever size dogs they are. 

Large Dog Kennel Features

With our XL dog kennel, XXL dog kennel, big kennel, and super large dog kennel range, we offer unique and specialized features that are going to make your dog's life that much more enjoyable. This is why we make sure to construct every kennel with wood construction and an all-weather proof asphalt roof, which is going to help them stay cool in the summertime, and warm in the wintertime. It's the perfect level of insulation for all four seasons. The access door is expansive and with easy access, in case you need to get in there. If you're worried about the rain, don't be – each dog house comes equipped with sloping roof drains that can get rid of rain water quickly, keeping your pooch nice and dry. Our floor design and feet raise the timber flooring bedroom of each kennel above the ground, which helps keep out any moisture, and provides ventilation in those summer months. If you live somewhere where you might encounter a lot of annoying insects, you do have the option of adding on plastic flaps that can hang over the entrance, and keep out anything that's not wanted. This is also going to be a handy addition in the wintertime to keep those cold winter draughts at bay.

Not every dog is in its prime, and many of our pooches reach an age and stage where they need a little bit of added comfort when they go to sleep at night or have a nap during the day. This is why we also offer an optional memory foam kennel bed, which is made of orthopedic memory foam, to keep your dog nice and comfortable while they rest. If you're not someone who is used to taking on DIY projects, don't worry – the assembling side of things is as easy as it gets. We make sure to provide each customer with preassemble panels and predrilled holes, as well as an easy-to-follow instruction manual and every nut and bolt that you might need. The reason why we take our kennels so seriously is that we know that each and every one of your beloved pets deserve only the best, and we're prepared to give them that, without compromising in any way on quality.

Ordering Online with My Dog Supplies

It's easy to place your order with My Dog Supplies online, as we work closely with one of the best carriers in Australia. Once you’ve clicked on your shopping cart and entered your email address, every item can be tracked, which gives you peace of mind as you wait for your order to arrive. It also means that you can keep track of where it is so that you can anticipate its arrival. Additionally, we offer every customer 14 days Money Back Quarantee, as well as one year warranty. We also make sure that your kennel is covered for the journey to your home, too, through free transit insurance. We have an excellent customer care department, and want to be able to reach our customers wherever they may be, which is why we can deliver right to you whether you live in Newcastle, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and beyond. There’s really nowhere that we can’t ship to, making your experience a whole lot better. When it comes to our payment options, we offer everything from bank transfer and credit card to PayPal, ZipPay, and even AfterPay, so that you can order your large dog kennel now and pay later. If you want high quality while keeping the price low, order your dog kennels from My Dog Supplies today. Read less
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